Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lincoln Park Roof Deck - Tailored and Colorful

Last week, we turned this:
and this......

Into this:

The client didn't want vines and other trailing plants to encroach her deck space.  We shot for a more tailored look using gorgeous skyrocket junipers as anchor points to take the eye upward.  The little bowling ball shaped evergreens add whimsy and another evergreen anchor point for the design.  The many colors and textures are provided by - dahlias, coleus, salvia, blue fescue and sedge.  This design will grow up and will mound, but will not invade personal space.  A nice place to enjoy a glass of vino, no?


Harris Phillippy said...

A roof garden is a place where people can hang out, have a cup of coffee and enjoy themselves. They can also enjoy the view and feel the fresh air surrounding them. That's one beautiful roof garden you've made for the client.

Richard Boles said...

Homes with roof decks are a sight to see. They can give your home that elegant look and can add value to your home as well. They are perfect for family gatherings, a romantic getaway, or a private, master bedroom deck. You can even create a small garden, complete with a waterfall to relax during your afternoons in. It's nice to have a great place where you can just sit out under the sun and enjoy a good book.