Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring is (Finally!) Springing in Chicago: Latest Installations

It has been so darn grey and chilly here in Chicago, it's been tough to muster up energy or enthusiasm to do much of anything.  Hopefully this overview of my lovely spring installations will help my clients at least pretend we have a spring in Chicago!

Here are the spring containers for Knit 1 - my favorite knitting shop! 

High rise balconies in downtown Chicago:

Yes, that's a little lettuce garden!

A fresh spring look for a front porch:

My hair salon,  Avieve.  Sadly, the hydrangeas died a sad death in a snowstorm last week.  Ugh!

Now I get a chance to plant my own window boxes and planters, so more on that later this week.  I am putting clients on the docket for summer planting - our longest growing season in Chicago.  Be sure to contact me if you are interested in some beautiful containers for summer!


Beth said...

all your containers look so beautiful!!!
And do you think we will have spring here this year? I am beginning to wonder. ( I am in the NW burbs).

Style Maniac said...

I just planted all my containers. Fingers crossed, this year I'm trying a mini-vegetable and herb garden as well as pretty flowers (all smashed together in 3 pots). Would love to know more about what to combine or not combine as far as watering, beneficial companion planting. Maybe something you could do a post on at some point? Here's hoping.