Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fall Containers

I'm getting set to launch a real website for this hobby-turned business of mine, so I thought I'd share some photos that didn't make it to the blog last fall.  One thing I learned is I need to get a jump on fall planting way earlier than I did.  I just fall in love with my summer planters and then before I know it the selection at my wholesaler is YUCK.

I can't wait to dig in for this coming fall, though.  It's so nice to change out the planters for a fresh look!

Around the tree in a shady courtyard:

High rise balcony in downtown Chicago:

Avieve - my salon:

A single family in Lincoln Park:

Knit 1 - my favorite hangout:

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Style Maniac said...

Just saw you in my dashboard feed -- hurrah! so happy you are back! And what great news about the website. So exciting.